Upon booking confirmation, a minimum 40% deposit is required.

If a booking is made within 40 days of tour commencement, guests are required to pay the tour in full.

40 days prior to arrival, guests are required to pay the remaining balance in full. Deposits can be paid via an international bank transfer. All financial transfer fees are at the riders expense.

If a booking is cancelled within 40 days of arrival, the deposit and tour package fees paid are non-refundable.

If cancellation occurs between 41-59 days – then 25% of the tour package fees already paid will be refunded.

If cancellation occurs between 60-90 days – then 50% of the tour package fees already paid will be refunded.

In the event of a cancellation more than 6 months prior to tour commencement, then 80% of tour package fees already paid will be refunded.

Due to the value of our vintage motorcycles, all customers are are required to pay a  fully refundable 400 Euro deposit upon booking. This deposit is necessary to cover the bike insurance excess in the event of  any damage to the vehicle.

All guests are obliged to provide their own full travel insurance, which has adequate cover for motorcycles above 250cc.We can organise appropriate insurance cover upon request.

All accommodation mentioned in our packages are subject to availability. In the unlikely event that our preferred accommodation providers are not available, we will provide accommodation of an equal standard.

All routes mentioned in our packages are subject to availability. In the unlikely event that our preferred road routes are closed for whatever reason, we will organise alternate routes to our listed destinations.

Motorcycles can only be ridden during the day in the company of our bike tour guide, unless prior authorisation has been arranged directly with our tour guide leader.

All riders are requested to remain sober and drug free during the riding day. In the event this condition is not met, Royal Bike Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour without refund.

All riders are to be in good health and reasonably fit. Royal Bike Tours reserves the right to cancel a tour without refund, at the discretion of our tour guide leader to ensure customer safety and that of other road users.

All riders are required to have a valid full motorcycle license of 500cc and above  in their country of origin AND a current international drivers licence.

All riders are required to bring their own road safety gear, including helmet, gloves, riding pants and boots. Helmets and gloves can be hired from Royal Bike Tours upon request, prior to arrival.

All riders are required to obey all road rules and laws in Thailand. The Royal Bike Tour Leader will brief all riders about common Thai road rules, and other relevant laws and regulations prior to departure.

All riders must accept the authority, and abide by the rules, of the Royal Bike Tour Leader.
All riders are to accept that the Royal Bike Tour Leader can cancel the tour in case of non-observance of rules for riding in a group or consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Riders must obey all local road rules and follow all instructions of the Royal Bike Tour Leader. In the event a rider fails to obey instructions of the Royal Bike Tour Leader or they are deemed to ride in an unsafe or dangerous manner, then a formal warning will be issued by our Royal Bike Tour Leader. After TWO warnings for failing to follow the Royal Bike Tour Leader instructions and/or riding in an unsafe/dangerous manner, a rider/s tour will be cancelled, without refund.

Riders cannot modify or abandon the tour group under any circumstances, other than medical.

All riders accept that any abandonment or modification of the official tour program by a rider as well as the costs generated for the repatriation of our motorcycle will be borne by the rider and repaid promptly.

  • All riders fully accept the risks related to remoteness of health centres and local health conditions.

All riders accept they ride at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

All riders accept the Royal Bike Tours team are not liable for any compensation or related costs in the event of a traffic accident regardless of whose at fault. Each driver is solely responsible for their safety.

To facilitate a successful and comfortable journey, we highly recommend our customers travel light, bringing a maximum 20kg of baggage.

For the large group booking discount to apply, the full number of guests are required to participate in the tour as per the original booking. In the event less than the requisite number of guests arrive for the tour, then the large group discount does not apply, and guests are required to pay the full price as listed on our official pricing schedule prior to commencement of the tour.

In the highly unlikely event of an “act of God” such as an uncontrollable natural disaster, and an international or national incident (war, political unrest etc) that is beyond the control of Royal Bike Tours, then no tour refund is possible.


    • A Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle (2016 or 2017 model)  with full mechanical assistance and all spare parts
    • Upon request, Yamaha SR500 (fully restored 1978 models) are
    • Domestic transfers as appearing in the program, by private vehicle
    • An English speaking Tour Leader (from day 2 to day 11)
    • German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish-speaking Tour Leaders are available at no extra cost, subject to availability
    • Fuel expenses
    • A support vehicle with driver for groups with 4 or more participants; a side luggage carrier for groups of less than 4 participants
    • Accommodation : in standard hotels with twin (two single beds) or double bedroom depending on customer request.
    • Meals: As per individual tour programs
    • Admission fees to various monuments, temples etc.
    • Third party motorcycle insurance


    • Compulsory travel insurance:  insurance covering all on-site medical expenses
    • Repatriation insurance, which covers you in case of a  two-wheeled motor vehicle accident (large motorcycle) in Thailand
    • All flights and airport taxes
    • Visa fees
    • A refundable security deposit of 400 € for every motorcycle
    • Souvenirs and personal expenses
    • Drinks
    • Tips


A sailor bag is ideal (with heavy-duty plastic bags inside to protect your contents) or a big backpack without any rigid metal bars … These bags can be locked with a padlock.

      • A small backpack of 10/20 litres for the day (camera, sunscreen lotions, and other essential travel items.)


  • Motorcycle boots
  • Light-weight/breathable motorcycle jacket or armoured hoodie
  • Water-proof over jacket and pants
  • Light motorcycle gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Compulsory motorcycle helmet


      • Sunscreen lotion
      • Lip balm
      • Broad-spectrum antibiotics
      • Paracetamol
      • Anti-diarrhoea
      • Anti-chafing powder or ointment
      • Skin disinfectant
      • Bandages and special blisters bandage


  • 2 light pants
  • 2 long-sleeved shirts
  • 3 t-shirts
  • A sweater/jumper or a warm jacket for cold nights
  • One swimsuit, and one longi (cloth) for women
  • A good pair of sunglasses (polarised are best)
  • A cap or sun hat
  • A head-torch with batteries
  • Light woollen socks are bestd
  • Light sports shoes (trainers)
  • A pair of sandals or flip flops
  • Snacks to enjoy along the way