Central Thailand

Central Thailand is the geographic, administrative and economic heart of the kingdom. The central region is a place of great natural beauty – with vast plains, rivers, mountains, forests and waterfalls await the intrepid traveler. Conversely, it’s also home to Bangkok – the political and economic epicenter of the nation and home to many of the most culturally and historically significant sites in the kingdom. The central regions are rich in history, containing the vast ancient ruins of the UNESCO-listed old capital city of Ayutthaya, the Death Railway track and bridges of Kanchanaburi, the magnificent Khmer temples reminiscent of Angkor Wat, unspoiled national parks, and endless beaches to explore along its vast coastline and many neighboring islands.


The Kingdom’s Central Plains

Kanchanaburi – Ayuttaya – Bang Saen – Pattaya – Kao Chamao – Koh Samet

  • Package based on 2 persons
    including 1 Vintage bike for two: 98.000 Baht per person
  • Package based on 2 persons
    including 2 Vintage bikes, 1 bike per person:  110.000 Baht per person

  8 Days

Sep – Jul

680 KM


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