Northeastern Thailand

The north east of Thailand, more commonly referred to as “Isan” consists of 20 provinces. Isan is geograpically-speaking, the largest region of Thailand. Isan is situated on the expansive Khorat Plateau, bordered in the north by the mighty Mekong River (along the border with Laos), and by the Kingdom of Cambodia to the east and southeast.

The western part of Isan is set apart from northern and central Thailand by the mighty Phetchabun Mountains. The provinces of Isan are covered by diverse landscapes, rich in culture and archaeologically significant monuments and ruins, reminding us of a multi-ethnic and incredibly varied history that has survived today in their traditional dress, music, monuments and world-renowned spicy dishes. The people of Isan are generally regarded as the friendliest in the Kingdom, with a regional cuisine as rich in colour and appearance as it is in texture and taste.


North Eastern Loop

Nong Bua Lompu – Loei – Sangkhom – Nongkhai – Udon Thani – Khon Kaen

  • Package based on 2 persons
    including 1 Vintage bike for two: 59500 Baht per person
  • Package based on 2 persons
    including 2 Vintage bikes, 1 bike per person:  65000 Baht per person

  6 Days

Sep – Jul

700 KM


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